About me


My name is Joseph, and I’m a bloke who likes to play, watch, and talk about sport.

I follow the Melbourne Demons, Melbourne Storm, Melbourne Victory (see a pattern developing yet?), Melbourne Vixens, Melbourne Rebels, Melbourne Stars teams. I play golf (handicap is 11 but I’m not playing to it), mixed netball, and a few other sports socially.

I’ve been tweeting for a while and back at the start of 2013 I was thinking that there have been a few times I’ve wanted to say more. So, because I watch and play a lot of sport, I thought I’d document my 2013 as I watch and play Cricket, Tennis, F1 (obviously I’m only watching that one…), Golf, Netball, Aussie Rules, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer, and more.

With 2013 now complete, this blog moves from being a journal of my sports playing and watching, to a general blog about sport as I see it.

Follow me on twitter at @josephryan79


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